Passive Talent, Positive Results

Passive candidates are the ‘crème de la crème’, best in class talent.  Highly sought-after property management professionals who are not available on the ‘open market’.

With unemployment below 5% and demand for talent continuing to grow, the good news for employers is that 62% of passive candidates, while not actively looking, are open to the ‘right’ opportunity.  And as passive candidates are the majority of available talent, this pool has the greatest potential for the best hires.

Passive Candidate = Positive Results

Passive candidates have up-to-date industry knowledge, skills and experience. They are also 120% more likely to want to make an impact, 33% more likely to want more challenging work, and 17% less likely to need skill development (Undercover Recruiter).

Passive candidate performance was rated 9% higher than active candidates, and these individuals were 25% more likely to stay with an organization long-term (CEB Recruiting Leadership Council Global Labour Market Briefing).

While active candidates are attending multiple job interviews, passive candidates are very selective about which interviews they chose to attend.  And as they are not desperate to get a job, because they are already employed, they are less likely to stretch the truth regarding their skills and experience.

When deciding to pursue passive candidates, posting a job advertisement on a generic job board and hoping that they will apply will not work.

Passive candidates are harder to find and less likely to jump through hoops.

To get their attention requires dedicated resources, a great deal of time and access to the largest network of property and asset management professionals – available through Atarid.