Company Culture vs. Salary

Atarid’s 2016 Annual Salary Survey confirmed that salaries are front and center when candidates are considering new job prospects.  

However, Harvard Business Review’s analysis of a Gallup survey of 1,700 US personnel, employees placed quality of management and opportunities to learn and grow as the top reasons for accepting a job, above salary and benefits. The assessment is out of sync with the property management industry.

Atarid’s Salary Survey targeted industry professionals nationwide who work in Property Management, Homeowner Associations and Asset Management. The survey confirmed that industry professionals are:

·       Enjoying a significantly below-average unemployment rate across the USA

·       Pursuing job opportunities that provide a substantial increase in salary

This means that hard to find professionals are not on the market for long periods because competitors act swiftly to snap up the best talent in their desire to secure contracts with their client base. 
Atarid is continuing to witness multiple job offers being rejected by talented candidates because the prospective employers have not offered salaries consistent with current market rates and conditions. 

However, those businesses who have embraced the sea-change that has and is occurring in our business space are attracting and retaining best-in-class industry talent.

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