213 Check Point Candidate Analysis Side by Side

Reading resumes is not a fun activity. Writing one is even more hideous.  And that is why so many of them are (a) really boring, and (b) do not tell you what you need to know, and (c) get discarded. In response to the gaping hole for industry specific data on candidates:

Atarid provides the ONLY Candidate Profile that involves the completion of a 213 check-point analysis of work experience/skill sets specific to the property management, hospitality, asset and leasing industry. Hiring managers can now access Side by Side-Apples to Apples Work/Skill Comparisons

ATARID’s registered candidate database is updated daily and contains only details of licensed and/or accredited/certified individuals with experience of your market sector. 

With over 40,000 industry trained and skilled applicants in the Atarid Registered Candidate Database, many of whom have experience working for well known corporations, Atarid’s Candidate Profiles (ACP) gives hiring managers detailed, non-discriminatory, industry-specific analysis, focusing on industry skills and work experience.
Highlighting skills and experience in a ´like for like´ format, completed Candidate Profiles of each ‘matched’ candidate are provided to hiring authorities, giving detailed, non-discriminatory, industry-specific analysis.
Over 40,000 Industry experienced and skilled candidates have completed Atarid´s 213 Check Point Analysis, providing hiring managers with:

  1. 100% industry-specific  questions and responses
  2. A structured format (each candidate has to answer the same set of questions)
  3. Gives the hiring manager the ability to quickly compare one candidate to another using a “like for like format”
  4. http://atarid.net/Atarid_Candidate_Profile_Example.pdf

Atarid´s in-house interviewers also have one-to-one discussions with candidates covering a series of personal questions designed to ascertain…

  • When are they free to interview?
  • Which companies are top of their list?
  • Which companies do they not want to interview with?
  • When can they start a new job?
  • What are their career objectives?
  • What are their salary expectations?
  • Are they willing to relocate?
  • plus other pertinent questions

ATARID´s Candidate Profiles, which are unique to ATARID and were designed in consultation with property management experts, allow hiring managers to consider which candidates to interview based upon response-driven information which has been provided by the candidate and relates to skills and experience relevant to the property management, hospitality, leasing and asset management business sector.

Atarid can provide you with qualified, experienced ATARID Candidate Profiles, ACP´s* usually within 24-48 hours, so you can fill your hiring needs quickly and efficiently.”ATARID’s industry-focused expertise, unique recruitment tools, professionalism and attention to detail places ATARID way out in front.” Laura Nadel, Property Manager