2017 Hiring Trends

In the 1st quarter of 2017 we have seen extraordinary results with more placed candidates than ever before.

The trends that we are seeing:

  • Employers in the market to hire are making job offers rapidly to avoid losing their candidate of choice to the competition.
  • Companies across the nation are actively looking for and hiring candidates with decades of industry.

The shrinking candidate market has caused a major shift in employer attitudes.  As demand outstrips supply, companies are now hiring candidates who were previously thought to be over-qualified or those with too much experience.

Industry professionals with the skills and know-how acquired over decades have always been highly sought after commodities, but in the current market they are like gold dust.  Candidates who understand that property management is a ‘people business’.  Who have the knowledge and expertise of being able to build positive relationships with Boards, Tenants and Residents and help retain those ‘hard won’ management contracts are a hiring managers dream.  If this talent becomes available, snap them up, because they will not remain on the job market for long.

Employers with the attitude of ‘get it done now’ are winning the prize of having their candidate of choice accept the job offer, which means they avoid the frustration of conducting the hiring search over again.

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